A collection of code snippets I use to save time, made so you can copy and paste them when you need.


useQueryParamA React-friendly way to get query string values with URLSearchParamsReactComing soon.Dec 1, 2021
Remove UnderlineHow to remove an underline from a link using CSSCSSComing soon.May 16, 2021
Project Template SkeletonUse this guide for Project setupvscodeComing soon.Mar 8, 2022
Next/Image StylesHow to add styles to next/imagesNextjsComing soon.Dec 21, 2021
JavaScript RoundRound to any amount of decimal places in JavaScriptJavaScriptComing soon.Jun 12, 2021
Center with CSSCenter images horizontally and vertically with cssCSSComing soon.May 26, 2021
Array ContainsCheck if an array contains a value using JavaScriptJavaScriptComing soon.Mar 29, 2021

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