Summaries, Notes and Lessons from Books I’ve Read

Books have been a fantastic tool for improving my life. I've seen a few other bloggers publish book notes and I decided it was a great way for me to share knowledge from what I've been reading.

Each summary contains quotes I enjoyed, notes on important sections and ratings to save you time reading through the book or to give you enough of a taste that you decide to read the book yourself.

These are deliberately concise, as I use them to help jog my memory on the concepts and important points the book covers. If you've read the book then you can also use them to jog your memory.

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco: Summary

This book will change your life. It will change your perception about wealth and money. It will make you believe things are possible.

Traction Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares: Summary

A great guide to marketing and finding customers for any early stage company, whether you're bootstarped, indie or VC backed you will find value in this book.

Mindfulness in Plain English Summary by Henepola Gunaratana

Thoughts and instruction on Vipassana meditation, minus a lot of the woo-woo and explained clearly.

Man's Search for Meaning Summary by Viktor Frankl

This book tells the story of holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s horrific experiences in Nazi concentration camps. It is broken into two distinct pieces, Frankl’s experiences in con...

Getting Results the Agile Way by J.D. Meier: Summary

This book will challenge how you think about work and life. It has completely changed how I view productivity. The system has been enormously beneficial to me producing more qualit...

A Mind For Numbers by Barbara Oakley: Summary

A Mind For Numbers by Barbara Oakley: Summary

On Writing Well by William Zinsser: Summary

A must read for anyone who does any writing. This is my favorite book on how to improve your writing.