Notes from Tony Robins - Unleash the Power Within

February 5, 2024 (5mo ago)

  • Ask lousy questions, get lousy answers. Ask quality question get quality answers. So if you want better answers ask better questions.

For example: Q: Why can't I lose weight? A: Because you're a fat pig, who likes sugar too much. or Q: What can I do to enjoy the process of losing weight A: I can hire a PT so I don't have to think and buy ready made meals that taste good.

Success formula:

  1. Know your outcome, you have to make a habit of asking this question a lot. (note for me relisten to why)
  2. Know why you want that outcome. Or else you'll lose your drive. Purpose = drive.
  3. Take massive action. What stops you from taking action is fear, you must overcome your fear.

On Excellence and Standards:

  • Poor performance = no rewards. In Fact, you get negative rewards. Made redundant, outsourced, replaced.
  • Good performance = poor rewards. Good is the baseline. Most people are good but good people end up divorced, broke.
  • Excellent performance = good rewards.
  • Outstanding standings = 1000x rewards. Outstanding performance is the athlete who finds something when they have nothing let. Outstanding is you vs. you everyday.

To have excellent or outstanding performance we need high standards. Standards are like muscles the more you demand of it the more it will grow. When you do 10 reps which rep do you think is the one that matters? Most would say 10 but good people do 10 reps, it's the 11th rep.

Consistency is king. And the only way to have consistency is to have standards. To have high standards we need to change our limiting beliefs.

Most people say they should do this and should do that, they are "shoulding" all over themselves. We need to make our shoulds a must. What are musts are are what sets our standards.

For me:

  • I must have no zero days.
  • I must lift weights 3 times a week.
  • I must find 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • I must dress and groom myself well.
  • I must focus at work.

Fear is what stops you from getting what you want. You need to identify when your feeling fear. Fear manifests in different forms (stress, anger, sadness etc.), when you identify you can change it.

The 3 ways you can confront fear are below and anything you want to change comes down to these 3 things.

  • Physiology
  • Language
  • Focus / Belief

Now. Fear is the only thing that stops you and the reason you don't get out of it is because you don't have a standard. A standard is you must not let fear stop you.

  • The point at which you change is when you make a decision. It is that easy. Decision isn't I'll try and see what happens. It's when you server ties from ever doing that thing again. It's when you make a decision that you must change. It's the burn the boats kind of decision.

Lasting Change:

  • To make lasting change you need leverage. You need a compelling enough reason to make change. For example: if you tell me your depressed and then I put a gun to your head could you make yourself feel happy. Yes. It's because there is enough leverage.
  • Change the narrative. Stop telling yourself your not this and not that, starting telling yourself you are the person you want to become.
  • Consistency. Lasting change comes from the consistent application of new beliefs and actions.
  • Rituals. Specific intentional routines you perform on a regular basis. More than habits, they are delibrate practices chosen to support your goals and the person you want to become.
    • Health Rituals: These might include exercise, nutrition, and meditation practices that keep your body and mind in peak condition.
    • Mindset Rituals: Robbins suggests practices like gratitude, visualization, and reading or listening to inspirational content to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset.
    • Productivity Rituals: Setting daily goals, time management techniques, and prioritization strategies can help increase efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Relationship Rituals: Regular practices that nurture and strengthen relationships, such as quality time with loved ones, communication exercises, and expressions of appreciation.