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Here you can learn a little about me, check my dev logs for this site and keep an eye on projects I'm working on.

Hi. I'm Peter

I'm a Frontend developer for one of Australia's largest tech companies. I enjoy teaching what I learn so I can learn it twice.

Currently I'm working on becoming a master of CSS and JavaScript so you'll find a lot of my writing and tweets are about things in these realms. But, occasionally you'll find me screwing around with things like Web3 development in my playground repo.

This site is home to all of my writing on productivity, programming, entrepreneurship, marketing, web development, self-education, finance, and just good old fashioned self improvement.

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Developer Logs


Hi Everybody 👋

A small change in this update, I've added a new link component. You can check it out in any post when you hover over a link.


Hi Everybody 👋

I've made a major update to my website. It is no longer built with WordPress and is now built with Next.js.

Upcoming Changes

  • Active link animations to navigation bar
  • Copy button to code snippets
  • Add projects to about page
  • Add Avatar to Hero Page
  • Add Sounds
  • Add sidebar component for tutorial posts
  • Add view count component to posts
  • Improve hover effect on article cards
  • Add random like buttons to posts
  • Add twitter card image for link sharing
  • Add quote component for notes posts
  • Store used theme preference in local storage


Coming Soon

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